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The Church of Zoodochos Pigi, a Basilica with a dome, is the Cathedral of the island built in 1885 and is located in the center of the village. It is worth visiting for the remarkable renaissance frescoes in it, created by Andrianos Stamatiadis.

Several priests ministered in the Church of Zoodochos Pigi, among whom Fr. Antonios Veloudis, and Fr. Andreas Logothetis. From 2002 until today, serves Fr. Eleftherios Koumasidis.

During the period 2005-2006 maintenance and cleaning of the interior of the Church and several portable icons were carried out by the conservator Ilias Papageorgiou.

The Holy Church of Zoodochos Pigi celebrates every year the Friday of Diakenissimo. It is a great celebration for Agistri, the feast of the island’s Metropolis, in which a large number of believers participate every year.

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