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The islet Metopi has a length of one nautical mile, is located north-east of Agistri and is about 1 nautical mile from the port of Skala. On the southeast side of the island is a very beautiful small beach with white sand and shallow blue-green waters. On top of the islet there is the Church of Agioi Theodoros, a few vineyards and a small lake with red waters.

The islet of Dorousa (or Dorousa) is located southwest of Agistri, just half a nautical mile opposite Aponisos and administratively belongs to the community of Agistri. At the top of the island there is the chapel of Prophet Ilias, built in the 18th century. Ancent walls have been preserved on the island and its shores are rocky, with deep water, ideal for snorkelers. Near the shores of the island there is the wreck of the cargo ship “Avantis III”, which took place on November 19, 2004. There is marine life in the wreck, which is today a marine attraction.

The islet of Kyra is located northwest of Agistri. It is an uninhabited island with an area of 0.8, which geographically belongs to the department of Peloponnese and administratively to the Region of Attica. In ancient times it was called “Pityonissos”, because it was entirely covered by pine trees. It has a small beach on its southeast side and another one on its west side. On the islet there are a few goats and several rabbits.

West of the islet of Kyra and Agistri, is the rock island Spalathronisi or Salaftonisi or Salafto or SalaftonisiThe rock islet is uninhabited and together with the other islets that are around it forms a kind of bridge between Aegina and Cape Trachili of Epidauria and the coast of Corinth. Administratively it belongs to the Region of Attica and specifically to the Municipality of Agistrio of the Regional Unity of the Islands of Attica.

The islet Aponisos is located after Dragonera, west of Limenaria. The unique combination of colors transports you to exotic places, offering you a unique relaxation and tranquility. The pine trees reach to the sea and end up on small flat rocks. Its small bay is used as an anchorage by many small and large boats. There is an organized beach with sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports.

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