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Agistri is a small earthly paradise of the Argosaronic, drowned in greenery, with pine trees “touching” its green-blue waters. It is the third island in Greece with a green ratio (80%).

In Agistri you will find, in addition to the green pine forests and sandy beaches with blue-green waters, traditional color, quietness, peace, but also intense nightlife for those who want it.

Agistri is an ideal destination for hiking excursions on the old paths of the retsinades, combining the study of the unique Flora and Fauna of the island, with the very beautiful green and untouched natural environment, which visitors can explore in its pine-covered hinterland.

The hikes in Agistri are easy, short and particularly pleasant, amidst the smell of pine trees, the rare wild flowers and the wonderful view that the visitor encounters in its diverse environment. Along the way, the hiker is excited by the various findings, the colors of nature and the amazing view from above.

Romantic walks or carriage rides on the paved coastal road that connects Skala with Megalochori, enjoying the enchanting sunsets by the sea.

Those visitors who love cycling can spend the whole day cycling on the above route or between the cobbled streets of Skala and Megalochori or even going to the picturesque beaches of Dragonera and Aponisos.

In Agistri you will find an unprecedented experience, which will be unforgettable, in the region of Aponissos, horse riding. Experienced instructors will teach you the basics in the magical world of horse riding and accompany you on wonderful rides, riding on the most beautiful forest tracks of our island.

n Agistri you will find ideal seas for kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing and water games. Swimming in wonderful secluded coves, underwater fishing in the rich fishing grounds with rocky bottoms and exciting diving to get to know the rich and colorful underwater world of Agistri.

By boat you can go sailing around the island and admire secluded coves, swim in secluded wonderful beaches and also discover the small islands that are around Agistri.

With Agistri Express, day trips are organized to tour the antiquities and the Monasteries of Aegina, from which those interested return late at night.

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