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In Agistri, visitors who love cycling can spend the whole day cycling. The road surface is quite good, without high altitudes, and the distances are very short, with a low degree of difficulty. Only at the back of the island there are a few small hills, but they do not cause problems for an average cyclist.

Those visitors who do not regularly engage in cycling can, easily and pleasantly, cycle along the coastal route from Skala to Megalochori and vice versa or on the paved alleys of Skala and Megalochori.

For the “more professionals” there are two routes: The first, the short route, from Skala to the end of Skliri (and vice versa).

And the second, the longer one, from Skala to Dragonera and Aponisos (and vice versa). About a total of 8 to 10 kilometers to go and 8 to 10 kilometers to return. In Agistri there is no route that makes up the tour of the island, unless you enter dirt roads.

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Map for mountain biking in Agistri

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