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With destination Agistri, two sailing races are organized every year, on different dates.

1. The Nautical Sports Club of “Palaiou Faliro” together with the Nautical Sports Club of Amphithea, organized a two-day open sea inter-club sailing race: Saturday FALIRO – ANGISTRI “MAKIS PANTAZIS” 20 nautical miles and Sunday HOOK – FALIRO “GIANNIS KARABETIS” 20 nautical miles.

At the end of the “FALIRO – AGISTRI” route, cups are awarded in the area in front of the port of Mylos, for the first sailing race.

2. The Nautical Sports Club “Eirini – Filias” organizes every year a two-day open sea sailing competition, in co-organization with IOP PPC. The boats with their crews make the routes: Saturday FALIRO – AGISTRI 20 miles and Sunday AGISTRI – FALIRO 20 miles.

Both competitions are amateur and the prizes are the cups together with the recognition of the fellow athletes. Motivation is the love of all of us for the sea and sails. Our guide is fair competition and camaraderie among us.

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