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Agistri is located just 55 minutes from Piraeus, a stone’s throw from Aegina and offers great summer holidays and relaxed, relaxing weekends.

Agistri is, perhaps, the best choice for anyone who wants to take a vacation near Athens, combining it with their work, or for those who want a one-day escape in the summer.

Agistri is a small earthly paradise of the Argosaronic, drowned in greenery, with pine trees “touching” its green-blue waters. It is the third island in Greece with a green ratio (80%).

In Agistri you will find, in addition to the green pine forests and sandy beaches with blue-green waters, traditional color, quietness, peace, but also intense nightlife for those who want it.

Perhaps it is one of the last romantic destinations in Greece, which slowly became a pole of attraction and a place of inspiration for many artists.

Our island offers, among others, Alternative Family Tourism.

Romantic walks on the coastal road that connects Skala with Megalochori enjoying the enchanting sunset, cycling all day, rides on the island’s carriages, hiking on old retsina paths, among rare wildflowers, in an untouched natural environment, with amazing views from high up.

Horse riding in Aponnisos, ideal seas for kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing and water games. Swimming in wonderful secluded coves, underwater fishing in the rich fishing grounds with rocky bottoms and exciting diving to get to know the rich and colorful underwater world of Agistri.

By boat you can go around the island and admire bays, secluded coves with wonderful beaches and also discover the small islands that are around Agistri.

With Agistri Express, day trips are organized for visiting the antiquities or religious tourism in Aegina, from which those interested return late at night.

It has two natural ports where ships approach. The port of Skala and the port of Megalochori.

Ferry boats arrive at Skala from Piraeus and flying dolphins arrive at Megalochori, while both ports are connected to Aegina throughout the day by water taxis or local routes.

Megalochori, otherwise called “Mylos”, is located two kilometers west of Skala and is the Administrative capital of the island and the seat of the Municipality of Agistri.

Skala and Megalochori are two tourist settlements with tourist shops, spotlessly clean hotels, rooms for rent – apartments, cafe-snack, bar and many picturesque taverns.

In the restaurants and taverns you will taste and enjoy a wide variety of appetizers and mezes, cooked food, grills, fresh fish and seafood from the island’s fishermen and you will drink chilled wine, ouzo or tsipouro.

To have fun, there are bars and clubs with wonderful summer cocktails, wonderful music choices and unsurpassed parties, to let you go wild until the morning.

In Skala there is a large organized sandy beach, with golden sand and crystal clear shallow waters, just 100 m from the port, which gathers a lot of people and many families, since its sea is shallow and suitable for children and the elderly.

A little further on is the organized beach “Sunrise”, pebbly and in places sandy, the most “in” youth hangout, at the exit of Skala.

At the entrance of Megalochori, there is also a very beautiful organized sandy beach, which also gathers a lot of people.

All the organized beaches have umbrellas with sunbeds and tables, where you can enjoy your swim and drink an iced fresh natural juice, all kinds of coffee, a drink or eat a very nice snack.

Next to Skala there is Skliri, a newly built green tourist area with beautiful houses, modern hotels and rooms-apartments for rent, built amphitheatrically in the pines, with a very nice view of Argosaronicos, Aegina and crystal clear, green-blue waters.

Metohi is a beautiful, cool and picturesque village, distinguished by its local character, built above Skala, with beautiful old traditional houses with wonderful courtyards, many of which have panoramic views of the sea, Skala, Front and Aegina.

The last village of Agistri is Limenaria, a traditional picturesque settlement in the south-east of the island, distinguished for its Folk tradition and its special cultural characteristics.

In Agistri there are shops with folk art items, supermarkets, bakeries, food stores, commercial shops, a pharmacy and the regional clinic of the Tzanios Hospital of Piraeus, which contribute to the pleasant and comfortable stay of the island’s visitors.

To get around the island, there are shops where you can rent bicycles and mopeds.

To get around the different parts of the island, you can use taxis, buses, carriages or even the tourist train.

The Police, the Coast Guard, the Municipality and the ordinary islanders are willing to serve you in whatever you need during your stay on the island.

The above, the hospitality of the residents, the good tourist infrastructure, the tranquility, the natural beauty and the crystal clear seas,compensate the visitors of the island, who are connected to it, in a strange way, so that to “hook” and to continue in the future to visit the island they loved so much and became attached to it.

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